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Still searching for that ‘perfect’ game.

by on May.19, 2013, under Amiga, IBM and Compatibles, Retro

Shame you're always 'American'.My perfect game will never be found. If it were created, it’d be the end of my productive life. I would work only to feed, clothe and house myself. It is, therefore, to my advantage that such a game does not exist. It’s a nebulous term, ‘perfect’, thrown around like so many World At War hand grenades. I mean it as a game that’s perfect for my needs and wants.

Huge games in my life have been well documented in previous posts, but the games that come close to ‘perfection’ are a very different group. These games tend to be ones that stay with me for a long time, or come back periodically. One such game is Colonization, more properly, Sid Meier’s (<3) Colonization, which I am currently playing.

As close to a perfect game that I am going to get Colonization, has near unlimited re-playability, great variety of practical strategies and an excellent interface. The click and drag method of organising A wonderful town!your colonies is so intuitive, that the game is still completely playable, nearly twenty years later. It handles exploration, trading and warfare all very well despite the very basic interface. This game is a more focused offshoot of Civilization, but I have always thought Colonization succeeded in the end game, where Civilization was lacking.

Colonization has you running your colonies as trading outposts until you’re able to declare independence from your mother country. The King then sends waves of soldiers, dragoons and ships to blockade and take back your colonies. The game transforms from a trading/exploration game to a basic but competent war game. If you plan and anticipate where the blows will come you can win your freedom, but it is rarely easy.

New France!The end game of Civilization is almost always a foregone conclusion. You are either in an overwhelming winning position or you’re probably not going to win. On all but the hardest difficulties, you’d roll over your opponents as your modern armour plows through their spearmen and archers. Colonization never suffers from a predictable end game, except that it will be a worry!

So while I continue an unending search for this ‘perfect’ game, I will probably find myself twenty years in the future still playing Colonization.

That isn’t such a bad thing is it?


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  1. StickHead

    So if 4X is your thing (it is 4 ‘X’s, right?) have you tried any others in your search for perfection? I have Alpha Centauri on my GOG account, but never even installed it. Have you tried the more recent Civs? 4 was a lot of fun, and 5 looks absolutely gorgeous (but hexagons – not sure about that). One of my favourites is Millenium 2.2, a sort of proto-4X.

    I have found my perfect game and its name is IK+. Now my life is empty, purposeless. 😉

  2. Keeper Garrett

    Oh I never saw this comment! IK+ as the perfect game? Well it is pretty great when you get hit on the toe by a bomb piece and pass out!

  3. Richard

    IK+ seriously? This is possibly proof then that players enjoy suffering and gaming is simply an elaborate form of masochism

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