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The Bounty

by on Oct.29, 2013, under Amiga, Retro

The Amiga 2000There are moments in our lives that will always stick in our heads. For the nostalgic gamer, there is certainly one, but more likely many, of these defining moments. It’s almost impossible to look back at these within the context of the time they were set (crushing amounts of homework, primary school blues) but sometimes it’s fine to put on the rose coloured glasses.

I’ve mentioned many times, that before leaving high school and working, I didn’t Super Scaryhave much money to spend on precious video games. Birthdays and Christmases may have resulted in a few new games here and there, but it was a rare occasion that I’d come into anything like a ‘haul’. That was where my near legendary uncle became involved.

It was 1993 and my uncle had upgraded his Amiga set up. I believe he’d got an Amiga 2000 (a sophisticated business machine compared to my A500) and a new monitor. The Monitor would have been 15” (small now but huge for the time) and I remember it had a lot of blurring and a bad refresh rate. Still, it was very impressive!

LeChuck's RevengeHardware aside, the real part of the excitement was the amount of new games that came with this new Amiga. Desert Strike, Darkseed, Monkey Island 2, Lemmings 2 and Another World, to name just a few.

With me in this visit to my uncle’s was my longest-serving friend, Chooie aka Ryan. The drive through the city was filled with anticipation as I showed Chooie the games my uncle had in the new Amiga Power. Generally games took months to come out in Australia compared to the US/UK, as well as being much more expensive. It was a rare feeling for once to be on the cutting edge.

The bounty I brought home that night was akin to De Gama’s return from India. My uncle didn’t often have time for games, but always made sure I didn’t deplete his vast collection. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I borrowed that night, but I want to think Eye of the Beholder 2 was one of them. A game that would terrify me for many, many months.

Visits to my uncle’s would continue for many years (and still do on occasion), but as far as classic Amiga Memories go, the anticipation of that night is unrivaled.

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