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by on Aug.16, 2012, under 16-bit, Amiga, Fifth Generation, Retro, Sixth Generation

I’ve often found myself wanting to join the video game underground, but betraying them at the last-minute.

They seem all be friends now…

Late primary school I always wanted something Sega and a Mega Drive was top on my list. Yet when it came to getting a console a few years later, Mr SNES was my choice (and ruining my fingers on Killer Instinct). Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Wonderboy were left without me. I never considered a Sega Saturn or an Atari Jaguar, those were fringe consoles that never were properly promoted in Australia (that I noticed anyway). Since my friend had an N64 I thought I’d compliment that with a PlayStation. It was a good move, since I didn’t end up some Goldeneye expert who sucked at every game after.

The Dreamcast was something else that I considered, since my furious amounts of Penny Arcade reading did a lot to convince me of its merits. In this instance I didn’t even buy its more popular contemporary, the PS2 and a Gamecube until some six years later. From say, 1999-2005 I peaced out of the console scene. My PC was so much more capable.

Finally, I bought a Wii on launch day, but since that ended up a bit of a trash heap, I thought I’d delve into getting a PS3. Nahh, changed my mind and got a 360 instead, stuck with what was safe again I guess? You might even say I did the same thing in replacing my Android and getting an iPhone 4S. Blah that HTC  Legend sucked.

I summation, if it wasn’t for my adherence to the Amiga for so long, I’d have very little so-called ‘indie’ cred. I came to every console except the Wii very late and until recently didn’t really buy much for them before returning to some open-ended PC game. Read this article for more info.

I learned a lot about Sonic from these two young men. Felt like I was catching up on a little that I lost.

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