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Drove a dump truck full of nostalgia up to my place…

by on Apr.30, 2012, under Amiga, Hobbies

Such happy boys, only one of them would make it back, marrying the dead one's sister.

I did some unboxing this week. The very notion of getting something new in the mail, opening it and finally getting THAT THING, is a very appealing one to me, and most people I’d imagine. In the past I have been disappointed by my eBay Amiga acquisitions, partly from my own misreading of the description and from the seller failing to mention that some items were almost entirely covered in pen. This week though, disappointment was not in the box.

I don’t often browse eBay for Amiga items, because of one obvious and one not so obvious reason. It can get very expensive, chasing Amiga games down the rabbit hole of collecting. So I resolved with myself only to fill the gaps in my original collection and not just grab any old thing that pops up. There were a number of games I wanted in my Amiga youth that I was never able to get, and I’ll probably make a list sometime. Regardless, two of these are now in my clutches.

The first I saw, Knights of the Sky is a flight simulator set in the First World War. A few posts ago I was talking about Wings, which despite being set in the same era and being a flight sim, has almost nothing in common with Knights of the Sky. KOTS. is not a restrictive mission based game, but is set in a dynamic map with a full campaign. During a mission you can technically fly anywhere in the Flanders front, but you’d run out of fuel before that could happen. It is a much prettier and much more detailed game than Wings, especially since the

$80 1992 bux. 9$ an hour would have been a good rate back then!

damage to your own plane isn’t always in the same places. Wings was a story driven arcade game with a flight simulator section. KOTS was a fully fledged flight sim, where you can choose your plane, pilot, and again unlike Wings, play as the Germans.

My experience playing it was very limited, only with a demo disk that came with an issue of Amiga Power. However while you couldn’t play any real missions, it did allow a free flight mission where you could run into enemy planes, bomb their airfields and crash hilariously. Usually after about half an hour of flying you’d lose your engine power from enemy fire. It was rare to get shot down and crash, so you’d

Sweet map, and so many cards!

end up rolling along the ground trying to get back to your airfield as an automobile.

What I ended up getting from eBay was an amazing trip back in time, all of it in near flawless condition. I don’t think anything had been thrown out since purchase, and there were even two backup copies of both disks! Best of all, it came with its receipt. Typical Harvey Norman super expensive pricing $80, from 9th Sept, 1992. A month’s wage!

I’m very happy with this find, and it will find its place somewhere near the top of my eventual Amiga museum. Somewhere in between Cannon Fodder and Monkey Island.

Later this week I’ll post up the other game I got, which is ALMOST as exciting.

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Bux Roger$ and the 25th and a half billion dollars.

by on Sep.15, 2011, under Amiga, Retro, Short updates

I’ve been around this old internet a while now, and every once in a while you see something that makes you confused, angry and amused. After neglecting eBay for a while, I went to check out what kind of Amiga games were on offer. As you’re probably aware I did find some gems at a reasonable price.

Continued searches for Amiga oldies have led me to this piece of insanity.

I don't think that says "Radiant Silvergun" anywhere on it.


I love this game to death and seeing it eBay gave me some so ideas to write about. I’ll be wanting to pick this up in the future, but not for that price!

For the moment I’ll settle for this mid 3rd millennium super hero.

As a Cold War analogy, there is none finer.

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