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Something of a reader poll…

by on Jul.11, 2012, under PC, Short updates, Xbox 360

I have been on a finishing game binge lately. By binge I mean I have finished… five games that have been hanging around, some for well over a year, others I had just bought. Here’s a run down.











I bought this from Play-Asia last March and didn’t start it until six months later. It then took me until a month ago to REALLY start playing it and finally finishing it this week.













I got this close to when it came out, didn’t start it for months. No idea why, it was Hamazing.












I think I got this from Play Asia in March, only got through this hilarious game in June.















Excellent Cop game, although criticised for being a bit of a pixel hunt adventure game, me rikey, Took me a YEAR to just finish the damn thing.













Yeah I got that in December, and finished it sometime in May. PATHETIC of me I know. It was awesome, and I put 140 hrs into before finally finishing the main quest.


So, all of my reader(s) a two-part question. What have we finished recently and what have we started and NOT finished. Games that you are about 80-90% finished especially! What have you been busy not finishing!

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So behind!

by on Oct.22, 2011, under Short updates

I could just start Descent Freespace again.

World of Tanks is taking me away from:

Finishing: L.A. Noire and No More Heroes 2.

Starting: Dead Space 2 and Gears of War 3.

I’m suffering the most first world series of problems, somebody help me!

I think I’ll get sick of world of tanks eventually, like I have said earlier, everything is a cycle. If you haven’t heard of World of Tanks check out the video below.

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L.A. Noire has my heart.

by on Aug.24, 2011, under Modern, PC, Short updates

When real men wore hats.

If some square comes up to you and starts decrying video games for setting a bad example, just tell them about L.A. Noire. You’re a cop! In black and white too if you like (and I do like). The game is set in a fictional 1940s Los Angeles, similar to the world of L.A. Confidential and with the procedural, detective feel or Dragnet.

When entering the world of L.A. Noire, I felt like I was half in the past and half in a film from the golden age of Hollywood. While the setting and cases feel as though they could be realistic, the characters definitely feel much larger than life. From an alcoholic, thrice divorced homicide detective, to the almost ‘movie star’ cop at vice.

This is a game where it pays to play your role properly and you’re penalised for doing anything too ‘dickish’. Running people over and crashing cars through shopfront windows isn’t a great idea and it’s always better to apprehend a suspect than shoot them in the head, and your gun can only be drawn when required.

Limitations (if you want to name them that) aside, calling this GTA 1940s from a cop’s perspective would be doing this game a great disservice. It’s a very different experience, although I appreciate having a character with their own personality. The ‘blank page’ player character is often disappointing in a game based around a strong narrative.

The Batmobile, if Batman was Howard Hughes.

Finding the bonus cars seems a little arbitrary, since you have to go back and get them every time you want to use them. However it is a better system than GTA 4, since you can easily find them when you really want to show you friends.

I’ve yet to finish this game, but I’m approaching the finale. It’ll be good, I can feel it.

The fantasy days of Phantom Corsairs, acceptable racism and violence against women seem so far away.

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