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Something of a reader poll…

by on Jul.11, 2012, under PC, Short updates, Xbox 360

I have been on a finishing game binge lately. By binge I mean I have finished… five games that have been hanging around, some for well over a year, others I had just bought. Here’s a run down.











I bought this from Play-Asia last March and didn’t start it until six months later. It then took me until a month ago to REALLY start playing it and finally finishing it this week.













I got this close to when it came out, didn’t start it for months. No idea why, it was Hamazing.












I think I got this from Play Asia in March, only got through this hilarious game in June.















Excellent Cop game, although criticised for being a bit of a pixel hunt adventure game, me rikey, Took me a YEAR to just finish the damn thing.













Yeah I got that in December, and finished it sometime in May. PATHETIC of me I know. It was awesome, and I put 140 hrs into before finally finishing the main quest.


So, all of my reader(s) a two-part question. What have we finished recently and what have we started and NOT finished. Games that you are about 80-90% finished especially! What have you been busy not finishing!

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Skyrim Slash Fiction?

by on May.16, 2012, under Modern, PC, Short updates

Oh don’t worry my loyal reader(s), I would never do such a gross thing as slash fiction. But I’m playing through Skyrim again, this time as a Redguard womanly paladin swordmissy named Ivory. Her latest companion is Aranea Ienith, a Dunmer Wizard. Also a lady.

For a moment, I considered what it’d be like if they were in a relationship. Then I realised they were! Aranea is Ivory’s follower. She follows her and helps her in fights. Nothing more.

Probably just as well, I don’t think the world is ready for a Dunmer/Redguard lesbian couple.

I wonder if Skyrim recognises same sex civil unions...


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Adventure: Faery Tale

by on Feb.24, 2012, under 16-bit, Amiga, Modern, Retro

One of the classic game covers.

For most of my game playing life, one particular genre has kept me coming back and captured my imagination, The Role Playing Game. Probably more than all other genres put together, whether the game is open world or linear, has a set protagonist, or someone (or someones) that you create, they’ve always been my favourite.

Back when my cousin’s house was the only place I could get my hands on an Amiga, one game in particular had a special attraction. Not just from the six-year-old me, but from both of my female cousins, my uncle and my Dad. It was called Faery Tale Adventure and it formed a very large part of my earliest game playing experiences. I’d describe it as a more ‘loose’ Zelda, but that isn’t really doing the game justice since Faery Tale was by no means a clone of the famous series, in fact I doubt Zelda would have even factored into the developers minds considering they both came out in 1986.

Unlike its more famous cousin, you’re not constrained to narrow paths and the game world is almost completely open from the beginning. The fighting system is also very different, and not being

Terrible dress sense, and hair.

done in single attacks the character attacks when the button is held down, and doesn’t stop until it is released. This is very handy when you’re surrounded by foes, which was very often! Three brothers in a small village must return a magical talisman to the mayor. Julian, Phillip and Kevin are controlled one at a time, and you only swap if one dies. Each brother has a luck score, which depletes when they lose a battle, drown or are otherwise ‘killed’. A faery visits you and restores your life, until your luck runs out, then you’re for reals dead and it is up to the next brother to finish the quest.

For a boy, the game was appallingly daunting. Death happened very quickly and often. The game has no level scaling and no real leveling system per se, so the monsters you meet as soon as you leave your home town (Tambury) for the first time will be the same ones you face almost up until the last few minutes. Instead of leveling, your current brother gains ‘bravery’ as he kills monsters. By killing monsters he gets more powerful in both damage dealt and damage received. This is a broken system by modern standards, since the start of the game is very difficulty, but the last 1/3 of the game is almost too easy. So easy, that once Dad and I forgot to pause the game when we went to have lunch, half an hour later he calls me in to witness an amusing spectacle. Four skeletons surround Julian, beating the absolute shit out of him but to no avail, he was immune to it. Also interestingly the weapons were making clangs as though bouncing off metal armour, but he’s always shown, wearing cloth and leather. I guess maybe he was so tough, his flesh had changed to some iron composite. A far cry from the forays outside the village walls by my cousins, which resulted in immediate death.

It was really the Skyrim of its day!

Another hilarious time was when we realised our ‘Vitality’ or health had increased to the level where we could just walk under the water to get to a distant island, so far a way that a day/night cycle passed. That Julian sure has excellent lung capacity. Oh and, when you’re starving the brother starts to twitch and not respond to your control input properly, fail to find a bed and he will eventually pass out. A full colour graphics game from 1986 and it required you to both eat and sleep! Avant garde or what!

My Dad and I finished this game in 1990. About a year after getting our Amiga and probably three years after playing it for the first time. I even wrote the exact date down in the ‘notes’ section of the hint book we bought. Dad still regrets spending $30 on that thing, but I think it was worth it. The hint book certainly didn’t make the game easy to finish, but we finally knew where we needed to go.

I was totally bummed when we finished the game. It left a big hole in my life, which Grade 3 maths homework simply couldn’t fill. My Dad came to my rescue, handing me three books saying, ‘These are kinda like Faery Tale, but in a book, you choose where you go in them.

These three books were The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Citadel of Chaos and The Forest of Doom, the first three in the Fighting Fantasy series. I realised RPGs don’t have to be on the computer and my path to Dungeons and Dragons was confirmed.





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New Vegas: A time sink and a half

by on Aug.11, 2011, under Modern, PC, Short updates


After a great Steam sale in July, I found myself with a number of games to get through. I bought the Doom pack mostly to make up for not buying them back in the day, and not playing them now. Ruse has been a lot of fun, but after moving my Steam directory (after it was foolishly left in C drive) I don’t have the save file for that any longer. Sure it kept my mission progress but it was a little off-putting.

New Vegas was the next to be finished downloading.

Much like Fallout 3, Vegas took me in completely. Over three weeks I put in 174hrs. Or it took that much from me. To be fair Steam keeps the time going even when the game is minimised and that was often. But even 140 hours is an amazing amount of time, I think I put in more time to these 1 and 4/5 play through than I did for my three in Fallout 3. What’s worse is that I haven’t even touched on the DLC for New Vegas.  I need a break from it though. There’s only so much ‘Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter’ I can take.

Just like with Red Dead Redemption, I played a lot of blackjack. Unlike Red Dead, New Vegas is only you against the dealer and loses some of its atmosphere.

I bought it many months after its release and benefited greatly from all the patches in the previous seven months. New Vegas crashed probably six or seven times, compared to Fallout 3 and it’s one hundred + times.

In my heart I am HOPING Skyrim can come out without crippling bugs.

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