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StarCraft Ghost: 10 years.

by on Sep.20, 2012, under Modern, PC, Xbox 360

Literally and figuratively StarCraft Ghost lived up to its title.

Humans lead such short lives, especially when looking at a geological timescale. In our current epoch, the only game that would appear in the start to finish history of Earth would be Duke Nukem Forever (solely because of its development cycle). StarCraft: Ghost sadly, doesn’t rate much more than a brief tremor. It was a tremor that had many talking about it and for most of its ten years it has been on hiatus.

Tectonic analogies aside, I am not going to do extra research on it, since it was a game in which¬† I was only mildly interested. Imagine Splinter Cell, but you control Zero Suit Samus, set in the StarCraft universe. Tom Clancy’s Easy on the Eye StarCraft game. Yeah that sounds like it.

Primarily a console game, it had much promise, but with it being developed outside of the main Blizzard family of games, problems occurred. I think they changed developers a few times and even changed the direction of the game; as this informative comic explains.

It is a shame that we never saw the game, but Blizzard have such high standards so it isn’t surprising. Nova would get her own bit part in a StarCarft 2 mission, but I think I prefered dealing with some Jamaican. She sure was blue/blonde and fit though.

Probably severe psychological issues.

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Starcraft 2

by on Feb.26, 2011, under Short updates

Finally put the single player campaign to rest today. Played it on Hard first go, and it got pretty tricky. Thankfully Ben’s yelling at me really helped me over the line. Now I think some GTA IV on 360 (only played it on PC) and gathering some of the missed achievements in StarCraft 2.


The big guy REALLY has blue skin...



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StarCraft 2?

by on Dec.17, 2010, under Modern, PC, Short updates

I know I’m very late to this party, but when I jumped on the Blizzard store to grab the longest awaited game. If you’re from Australia or NZ, you’ll be wanting to play with people in North America. For one thing the avaliability of custom games is much greater here than in SE Asia. But mostly I think you’ll want to save $30 from a simple change of region.

The US version is $60, SE Asia is $90.

What a world.

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